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The Truth About After Hours Doctors

There are no fixed schedules for emergency situations, that’s for sure. From dust until dawn, anything could happen that might call for medical needs – be it a sudden burst of pain or severe medical circumstances. Many cases have already been recorded where serious medical needs failed to get attended by professional medical practitioners due to the time these events happened. This objective condition has given form to what we now call as After Hours Doctors.

What are they?

After hours doctors refer to those who provide medical services during late nights, weekends, or special holidays to those who are in need of instant consultation. The term “after hours” was meant to indicate the objective of rendering medical services to those who need it after normal hospital hours. They attend to medical emergencies either by coming to a patient’s house or accommodating them in after-hours clinics.

When should you call for one?

AHDs are the perfect alternatives during emergency situations that require urgent or immediate actions. In the country, doctors who exercise this type of service are usually called by patients whenever their regular doctors are out of the office. This type of service is especially necessary for those who are suffering from illnesses that include sudden eruptions of pain. Patients who have diabetes, for instance, might require instant check-ups and cannot wait until the next day to receive medications.


It is important to note that after hours doctors are not meant to replace your regular doctors. In fact, in most countries, different restrictions have already been imposed by government departments to this type of service, such as the restriction of giving injections and providing health management plans. Also, AHD should provide your general practitioner with the data gathered during the consultation. This will help create a more updated diagnosis of your condition and assist in coming up with mutual findings.

Of course, AHDs, like your general practitioner, are licensed professionals imbued with years of training and experiences. They are the ones you should call in cases of midnight, weekend, or holiday emergencies that demand instant attention.

In case of unexpected medical emergencies where your general doctor is out of service, don’t hesitate to call a trusted after hours doctor.

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