Coconut Oil Can Help With Dry Eyes

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One in three people experience dry eye syndrome. They regularly have to deal with symptoms that can include: sensitivity to light, red eyes, watery eyes, blurred vision, and difficulty driving at night. They may feel like something is in their eyes, but there really isn’t. They may have a problem wearing contact lenses or they may find stringy mucus in their eyes on a regular basis. This condition occurs in people who are unable to produce an adequate amount of tears. This could be due to aging, certain medical problems, side-effects of medications, or even tear gland damage.

Living with the symptoms caused by dry eye syndrome can be aggravating and inconvenient. Sufferers may make the decision to change their normal habits. They may try to not drive at night any more, since it’s hard for them to see. They may have to stop wearing contact lenses, or they may become self-conscious of how they look because they are afraid others will notice their red eyes.

Coconut oil is a remedy people who have this condition can try. A small amount can be placed in a bowl. That bowl can be placed in a pan of warm water so the coconut oil will melt. After the oil cools, a dropper can be used to place some of the oil inside the eye. Following this procedure twice a day for a week or so can produce dramatic results. Placing a little bit of coconut oil around the eyes at night can help moisturize that area and provide comfort to people who have dry skin around their eyes.

Coconut oil is an amazing substance that can be used to help a variety of conditions. It can add a protective layer on top of tear film layers to keep the tears from evaporating. It also has anti-inflammatory properties which are similar to those of natural tears. There are re-wetting drops available on the market for people who experience dry eyes.

Coconut oil is a more natural option that is easy to find. It can be purchased from grocery stores or drugstores. It can be used on the skin as a moisturize and used as a cooking aid. People who have dry eyes should try it to see if it provides them with relief and if it does, they can easily repurchase more. People can like this page if the information provided has been helpful.

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