Easy Ways to Help Manage Joint Pain

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If you’re finding that you have more aches and pains in the morning, you may want to incorporate a few of these tips into your daily regimen. Sometimes people have joint and arthritis pain that hasn’t been diagnosed, but there’s help.


Managing Joint Pain

Speak with your doctor

The first place to start is with your doctor. You may need to set aside about an hour to go through your medical history. This can help your doctor determine who in your family may have had joint pain, rheumatoid arthritis, and other sometimes debilitating pain symptoms in the past.

According to Medicine Net,about 350 million people suffer from arthritis. You may find that you need a bone density test or your doctor may recommend an anti-inflammatory that can help with joint or arthritis pain. Aleve is an over the counter alternative and people have found some relief with adding fresh ginger into their diets. Ginger is a natural anti-inflammatory you may want to ask your doctor about.

Start with exercise and stretching

If your doctor recommends it, you may benefit from an exercise class and stretching. When people are too stiff, it can cause more pain, but by stretching and using gradual motions to stand up and sit down, this can help to loosen up the joints so you feel less pain.

Look for stretching videos online on sites like YouTube and you can find free videos with titles like “Stretching for Seniors,” or “Stretching with Arthritis Pain.” Just do an online search and you may be able to start incorporating these into your daily regimen. Talk to your doctor first to confirm this won’t exacerbate your particular pain symptoms.

Try yoga and drink water

Yoga is a great way to help manage pain because as you breathe through the various poses, it can help to strengthen the muscles around your joints. If you’ve never tried yoga, you can find videos online. Always start out with “Yoga for Beginners” or comparable titles that won’t put you into awkward poses. Stretching the wrong way can cause muscle spasms.

Incorporating more water into your diet is also helpful with pain management. As you stretch, your body releases toxins and water will help to flush these away.

Work on your breathing and get plenty of rest

While you stretch, you may want to work on various types of breathing techniques that can help you manage pain and ease into different stretches. This can help if you find that your back is stiff in the middle of the day.

A final tip to help with your joint pain is to get plenty of rest. Sometimes being too stressed at work can cause pain flare-ups and by managing your stress levels this can minimize pain symptoms. for help with arthritis pain relief in Monroe NJ you can do an online search for pain management centers, or ask your doctor for a referral. You may find that the tips can help get you back on track with your daily living habits!

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