Favorite Self Tanner

Here’s How You Should Exfoliate Before Applying Your Favorite Self Tanner.

xfoliating is ridding your skin of any dead skin cells. The top layer of your skin will have a lot of dead skin cells if you don’t exfoliate. These are cells that stay glued on the top layer along with oils, sweat, and even sebum. Though it may sound disgusting, this is actually helpful to your skin because it works as a barrier between your body and the pollution around you.

However, when you’re applying sun tanning lotion, it’s going to be detrimental to not exfoliate. The layer of dead skin cells should be removed so you can benefit from your favorite self tanner more.

Why Is My Self Tanner Going To Be Less Efficient?

Self tanners are going to be difficult to absorb if there’s too much oil on your skin. This can cause the end to look to be an orange and streaky look which you definitely want to avoid.

Your self tanner is going to fade faster as well if you don’t properly exfoliate your skin. The first layer on top of your skin is going to prevent the self tanner from seeping into the surface area and working its magic there. Avoid having this problem by properly exfoliating.

The Two Types Of Exfoliation

The first type of exfoliation is mechanical exfoliation which is the usage of physical tools to remove the dead skin cells on your body. You can use a dry brush, loofah, or exfoliating gloves to do this. It might feel harsh on your skin at first, but you will get used to the sensation.

Chemical exfoliation is the usage of products to remove the same layers of dead skin cells instead. Make sure that you don’t use a product that is too harsh for your skin or you might end up looking and feeling sore before you apply your sun tanning lotion.

Scrubbing Your Body Safely

The safest way to exfoliate your body is to scrub it. It is the most proven method and has worked for years. The first thing that you should do is grab whatever mechanical exfoliation accessory you have and bring it with you to the shower.

While you are bathing, use the scrub and proceed in scrubbing your body in circular motions. Work from your feet up. If you can’t reach your back, you can use a long-handled brush to reach the particularly hard to reach areas. Be gentle on the surfaces that you feel more resistance.

Rinsing Your Body After Scrubbing

Make sure that you apply lotion on your skin while it is still a little wet. If you are going to apply your self tanning lotion right after, make sure that you don’t apply too much for the hydration of your skin or you are going to run into some problems.

Drying the rest of your body should be easy. Pat dry yourself with a towel to make sure that the lotion is going to be fully absorbed. Apply heavier lotions on your knees and elbows to ensure that your tan looks even.

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