Foot Problems Today

Most Common Foot Problems Today

While people tend to take proper care of their body, they somehow neglect their feet quite often. Even if our foot anatomy is quite delicate, your feet are able to endure all of what you put them through. This is why you should know about the most often problems concerning feet.

Our foot has 26 bones, 33 joints, 42 muscles and there are at least fifty ligaments and tendons that are keeping all the parts that move together. The foot anatomy is rather complex, and if you ignore your feet, you might end up with bigger problems later on.

The safest bet is to visit your podiatrist, and if you want you can check out the podiatrist Morisset like ModPod Podiatry or talk to your local podiatrist instead. This all depends on your personal taste, since usually there will be at least one good podiatry clinic in every area.

Athlete’s foot

Everyone has heard about athlete’s foot, which is a condition that is caused by fungus that like to form in moist, dark and warm environments, which is why the areas between your toes are perfect for that. This fungus could also cause burning, itching and a lot of redness. Sometimes, it can also cause a slight odor, and the infection can immigrate to different body parts.


If your fourth, third and second toes are crossed, and bent in the middle of your toe joint, or maybe they are just pointing at a rather odd angle, you might have a condition that is called a hammertoe. These are often caused by bad-fitting shoes, and early on simply wearing pads prescribed by a podiatrist could help you out.

Your shoes might be the culprit.


Everyone has had blisters at least once in their life, and if you wear shoes that do not fit you well, you are bound to get even more blisters., it is important that you understand that popping blisters is not the answer; just keep the area clean, and try not to irritate them further.


Yet another condition that is often caused by bad shoes, bunions. If your toe joint is point outwards, making your big toe to have a big turn in, then you have a condition called bunions. In some cases this condition can go unnoticed, while in others it can cause a lot of pain as well as discomfort.

Ingrown toenails

Just like blisters, everyone has had an ingrown toenail at least once in their life, but sometimes that ingrown toenail can cause a lot of pain and discomfort. If any of the mentioned conditions occur, visit sports podiatry Sydney such as ModPod Podiatry or talk to your local podiatrist.

Visit your podiatrist on time.

Final word It is important that you seek professional help as soon as you realize that there is something wrong with your feet. If you feel daily pain or discomfort, it is time to visit your podiatrist, so make sure to pick a reputable podiatry clinic.

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