Need Orthotics?

Do You Actually Need Orthotics?

Many people are unsure whether they need orthotics, insoles, or other helpers for their feet, and the only ones who can answer that question are podiatrists. The worst thing you can do is try to self-diagnose yourself… make sure to have a proper chat with your podiatrist instead.

The first thing you need to understand is that there are many different orthotics meant to treat different type of foot conditions; from custom-made orthotics Sydney from Orthotic Solutions Podiatry to other basic insoles that you can get at any drug store. Choosing the right orthotics can be rather difficult, even for podiatrists

Orthotics could help cure your condition.

Shoe inserts

There are many different shoe inserts that you can just purchase in most stores even without a prescription, and they provide support and cushioning. Usually, they will be made out of plastic, foam or gel like materials, and these inserts are designed to fit inside your shoes.

However, you need to keep in mind that they are not really custom made for you, which means that they might not be offering the type of support your feet need. They are designed to provide arch support or some extra cushioning for your toes, heel or for the whole foot. However, these inserts might make your shoes feel more comfortable, they are not designed to help correct different foot conditions.

What you podiatrist needs to check…

You need to visit your podiatrist for a number of obvious reasons, and during the appointment your podiatrist will take images of your feet. Of course, you will get a full examination, from watching how you walk, to checking out the structure and everything in between.

Whether you need orthotics or not still depends on your podiatrist and your case, because sometimes, the orthotics might not at all be necessary, as inserts will suffice. However, this is for your podiatrist to decide.

Make sure to visit a reputable podiatry clinic in your area!


These are different type of supports, and they are design to correct the issues of your feet. These should only be prescribed by a professional, as they could also cause some damage. There are different kind of orthotics out there, from plain to custom-made.

With so many different orthotics, you need to talk to your podiatrist on time and listen to his or her recommendations. You could also check out the professional foot orthotics Sydney like Orthotic Solutions Podiatry or visit your local podiatry clinic. Just make sure to not take matters into your own hands, as that could cause a lot more bad than good.

Final word

Orthotics are a bit more expensive than inserts, especially if you need custom-made ones, but they also do a much better job. However, in many cases you might not even need them, which is something your podiatrist will know. Therefore, make sure to schedule a consultation, and ask your podiatrist about anything you want to know concerning your feet and different orthotics.

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