What You Need To Know About Kamagra

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Erectile dysfunction is a condition which causes a lot of emotional and psychological stress in men’s lives, as far as sexual relationships are concerned. The feeling of being unable to sexually satisfy your partner can cause you to shy away from relationships, or even have you living in shame. However, with the help of an effective erectile dysfunction drug, you can be able to overcome this physical condition and live happily with your partner as far as sex is concerned. Kamagra is one of the leading generic versions of Viagra, known for being effective and affordable.

Read on to find out more about Kamagra and its use.

What is Kamagra?

Kamagra is one of the generic versions of Viagra available in the market today. Ever since the patent on Sildenafil, the active ingredient in Viagra expired, generic versions of the drug have been produced and marketed at a lower price. Kamagra is marketed in the form of pills and an oral jelly. The drug is used to increase blood flow to the penis without affecting cardiac blood flow. Once taken, the drug remains active for up to four hours, with some users reporting enhanced sexual activity for up to six hours.

Kamagra versus Viagra

As previously stated, Kamagra is a generic version of Viagra. The drug is made from the same active ingredient found in the branded variety. However, the generic version is sold at relatively lower prices. This is essentially due to the fact that the manufacturers of the drug do not have huge product development and marketing costs to recover. The lower price combined with its effectiveness have made it one of the leading drugs used to counter erectile dysfunction.

How to safely use Kamagra

Before you use Kamagra pills or Kamagra oral jelly to overcome erectile dysfunction, it is important that you begin by reading and following the directions for safe use. The drug is designed for use by adult males between the ages of 18 and 65. It is recommended that you take Kamagra 45-30 minutes before engaging in sexual activity to allow it to work its way into the bloodstream.


However, it is recommended that you first consult your doctor before using Kamagra to ensure that you are aware of any risks involved considering your state of health. For instance, people suffering from cardiac diseases, low or high blood pressure, have history of strokes or kidney or liver disease should not take this medication. Additionally, you should not take Kamagra if you are already taking another drug for erectile dysfunction.

Kamagra is a safe and effective drug used to overcome erectile dysfunction. Users can enjoy erections that last longer for better sexual experiences. To get the best out of the drug, be sure to follow the directions of use to the letter.

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